Press Pass

What is it?

The Smartkarma Press Pass is a special login created exclusively for pre-approved professional journalists. It allows a journalist to access content on the platform and use all the powerful search and discovery functionality available. Journalists can excerpt and quote from the content on Smartkarma to enrich and support their articles. When doing so, journalists must source the Insight Provider and Smartkarma.


Allowing the financial press streamlined access to the largest pool of independent Insight in Asia is a unique approach that we believe will be revolutionary. As the credibility of bank research continues to hit new lows, enabling independent voices to be heard as thought leaders and influencers has never been more important and in demand.

How will it work?

As a Press Pass holder you will have:
  • Full access to all tools, search and discovery functions.
  • Full access to all Insights published that have been authorised as citable by their authors (Insight Providers).
  • The convenience of pre-approval to select limited excerpts and quotes from all authorised Insights, provided you cite the Insight Provider and Smartkarma.
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